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Cast The First Stone

by Ion Dissonance

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iliyaR thumbnail
iliyaR Men,Really Good Album!
keep it moovin! Favorite track: The Truth Will Set You Free.
John Chaos Alexander
John Chaos Alexander thumbnail
John Chaos Alexander Grind mathcore Or Meshuggah on crack, Sounds awesome either way:) Favorite track: To Expiate.
Cherubian thumbnail
Cherubian Masters of extreme grind have returned after long six years and.................. SLAY!!! Favorite track: Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go.
Giant thumbnail
Giant The Best have returned with their latest masterwork.
Proud to have these guys back.
CM thumbnail
CM 2016 has been a great year for mathcore. Maybe we have the political tensions to thank for fueling some angry music, or maybe its something in the water. Regardless, Ion Dissonance show everyone that theyre still at the top of their game. While a short listen, I subscribe to the mentality that its better to hit repeat then stop. And Ive had this album looping incessantly.. Favorite track: Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task.


released November 18, 2016



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Track Name: Burdens
Get out of my head! We both know it’s not how our saga’s intended to play out, but it’s too late to reiterate now. I need you to know this. I don’t heed to pull apart.
I left these ghosts in the past, and I don’t fear death, but I’m scared of what comes next. Every dawn gives way to dusk. It’s just not fair, fair to know that we can move on, on with our lives, but I’m over it, I’m over you, and it’s not fair to presume I succumbed to the weight of these burdens. Molding and shaping me into the man I’ve become today. With loose ends tied nothing seems to satisfy. Fire everything you’ve got. This is merely food for thought, and it’s just not fair, fair to know that we can move on, on with our lives. I’m over you, not over this, and I don’t care to quarrel anymore with the voices in my head.
Track Name: The Truth Will Set You Free
The truth will set you free. Glancing around the room, but everyone’s so hollow. Where did all the people go? What resides now is this perception of vertigo. I’ve ascended so high and I would love to come back down. Plant my feet back on the ground. With these lights turned down low I’ll get through this nice and slow. The truth will set you free. Ardently searching, but all the masses do is follow. Apprehensive of the sea, but these waters remain shallow. This bond has been cut dry. My aim is true. Those tired out words you shout somehow rang true. The truth will set you free. Questioning rigorously, but all the masses do is follow. Apprehensive of the sea, but these waters remain shallow. Running up a slippery slope, but we’re standing on the gallows. Never knowing how arduous these times are destined to be. Grinding hard to comprehend all that we come to bear. Constraints in life can break you down at times. In due time the truth will set me free. I’m still striving to find my place in this world. Grateful for the chances I’ve been given.
Track Name: To Expiate
Even though I know I can’t just turn back the hands of time, we’ve got to make this right. For ages now we’ve been maneuvered and mislead down a wayward path. Down a path of hate. Down a path of lies. Swindling spiral of deceit pointing towards demise. Heavily chastised. While fueling unheard cries. The cunning un-dead sneakingly disguised. For too long now we have been forced to endure a one sided structured life. The strength of this democracy is not derived from its corrupted leaders, but more so from the multitudes who gather here to stand tall in opposition. An insurgent uprising is underway. A malcontent revolt assimilating in this time. It’s our obligation to try. Constrained for ages now while knowingly mislead down this wayward path. Rain down your asinine laws. Rain down the impending storm. We stand united for the cause. Resisting the pressures to conform. We’ll never conform. Bring on your ill-tempered forces. Bring on the urgency to adapt. Down a path of hate. Down a path of lies. A swindling spiral of deceit pointing towards demise. Heavily chastised. While fueling unheard cries. The cunning un-dead sneakingly disguised. We won’t stand by and act like we are supposed to just let it go. We just can’t let it go.
Track Name: To Lift The Dead Hand Of The Past
Certain things are better left in the past. Prophecies unfold unto victims of circumstance, but regret is a broken window that shouldn’t be rehashed. The alarming certainty of life is the realization that it is merely a temporary respite between birth and death. Certain things are better left in the past. Emotions of despair overshadowed you so fast, but don’t give up on hope, don’t let fear deplete you. It all seems so unfair. I wish there was something I could do. A self-directed life will get you every time. Listen in. Listen up. I just can’t save you now. The wheel of fate won’t let me spin this. This doesn’t change a thing between you and me. Tonight we’re burying your remnants, farewell my friend. Certain things are just better left in the past. Departing quicker than the blink of an eye. Lamentable for being too late to say good-bye, and now the time has come to lift the dead hand of the past.
Track Name: Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go
This heavy anguish within my being intensifies with each passing day.
And lack of sleep deprives my essence to a point where I don’t give a fuck about my presence. Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s no escape. Another futile attempt at effervescent joy has now rendered me bitter and apathetic. Locked up like a caged animal. I’m now a shadow of the man I was, but is it really too late? Detaching to remain levelheaded. These heinous emotions are now embedded. I’m finding it increasingly harder to function while standing on the brim of total destruction. Unattended in this empty room with these visions of the memories I consumed. Supplicating for an honest shred of peace of mind, and to finally ‘let go’ of what you leave behind. You pushed me over the edge throughout the years. There’s just no running from your fears. I gave it all I got. Gave this a fair shot, but there’s just no turning back from here. Unattended in this empty room, with the memories of visions I consume. You pushed me over the edge throughout the years. There’s just no running from your fears. I gave it all I got. Gave this a fair shot, but there’s just no turning back from here. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my conscience died on that night with your tales of cowardice. I can see your shadow fading away when I close my eyes at night. I can feel your presence raiding in me. So the time is now to make this right. This is not what I had in mind when I said I needed to do this. To do this in my own way, but mark my words. I’m not doing this cause I want to, I’m doing this because it needs to be done. The line crossed, the toll paid.
Track Name: Ill Will
And I don’t know for how long. How much longer I’ll be able to take this shit from you, and now your ostentatious behavior is getting way out of line. Unceasingly battling with myself to play this off like it was nothing. To be a bigger man than you could ever hope to be, but this has gone on for too long. This ends here. Just who do you think you are? Chump. Take a step back. Realize you’re insignificant. Take a step back. Realize you’re insignificance. What infuriates most with this, how could you not conceive this would eventually get back to you? A profound ignorance clearly voiced. The time has come to crush you. Take a step back. Comprehend you’re insignificance. Take a step back. Realize you’re insignificant. In the end it caught up to you.
Track Name: (D.A.B.D.A.) State of Discomposure
Damn you for thinking that I’d let you slip away. You got another thing coming.
In the thick of things you’re so naïve. I’m powerless to relate to any of the words conveyed tonight. Do you really think I could let you walk away? And do you really think you could play? I’d let you play me for a fool? So stand clear. This hostility’s reinforced. Aggression fuels the fury building up inside of me. I’ve come to feel this rage strengthening inside my soul. I’ve come to feel my life slipping through my fingertips. I’ve come to feel my pulse fading with each passing breath. As clear as day is the dismay displayed within my eyes. So stand clear. This resentment’s amplified. Aggression fuels this fury building up inside of me. Only one aspect left I aim to grasp. In legitimate candor, what do you expect? Duplicity’s written all over your face. No pain no gain, but this can’t be erased. I will never condone this. I will never acquit you. I will never absolve this. I will never forgive. Please don’t give up on me tonight. Just know that sooner or later you’re bound to miss us. Tell me how to fix this, to make you stay. This lust is mine and you can’t leave me, just leave me the fuck alone. Unabridged blackness masks sentience of right and wrong. I haven’t slept a single night in more than a month. The remnants of you and I afflict this reality. I can never leave the past behind. Every man has his secret shadows concealed from the malicious eyes of the world, and this just doesn’t matter like it did before. This Just doesn’t matter anymore. To let go doesn’t mean I don’t care anymore, but now I can move on. Look past all this grief. Coming to terms with this. I don’t care anymore, but now I can press on, to emerge anew again. Come to accept my reality.
Track Name: Treading On Thin Ice
Feeding the masses ideologies. Animosity neither here nor there. A very thin fine line exists amid free speech in voicing your opinions and spitting bullshit lies and injustice. In this day in age, in present time, it’s incomprehensible to fathom that division and segregation remain a prevalent affair to our way of life. How could this culture not learn from the faults of our departed forbearers? While governance openly turn a cold shoulder to their kin. How dare our democracies allow such shameful ties to persist on? Fall back and consider how edacity has constantly inhabited as a mystic shadow hiding behind the curtain. Draw back and deliberate how it invariably comes down to a question of affluence. Greed is inevitably the root of all evil. Doomed to fail. Fail to learn. The writing is on the wall. Forever doomed to repeat the cycle. Cursed to the grave. Repeat this cycle.
Track Name: Virtue
For now we’ll proceed to push forward. Provoking the house with this familiar spell. Composing fresh crude ways to compel. Keeping it heartfelt for the clientele. For ages in the making. There’s just no god damned mistaking. The reign is up for the taking. Timelessly intended to lead. Unwilling to conform to the new breed. Absurd concepts of revolution within the confines of destitution. Nothing less than counter revolution. We patiently await our thorough retribution. If we were ever destined to accomplish distinction, something truly honorable with this life. Surely we can’t let it fall to pieces. In due time contemplate how we made it here and now. This is the beginning of the end. For now we’re destined to keep on going. Rise up to the opposition and rebel. Dishing out fresh crude ways to compel. Dead set on a course to raise all hell. Dedicated to mass shaming. There’s just no god damned mistaking. The foundations were radically shaken. Your ideals rightfully forsaken. The foundations were radically shaken.
Track Name: Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task
For narrow minded fools. Thick headed to the bone. One would infer that the concept of constructive criticism would be a notion simple enough to comprehend. Don’t hold your breath. I’m sick and tired of faking this. Comparatively to being insightful with leadership and integrity, you leave me menaced, riddled with pessimism. Rather than to give the benefit of the doubt, I’m only left with the doubt leaving no esteem for these accomplishments. To this day I still can’t see the forest for the trees. Completely blinded by your lack of empathy. With hostile negativity brewing inside your ego, nothing’s left to say. Nothing is worth the embarrassment of your ways. Nothing is capable to repair this mess. You know it helps to write it down. This ship has finally sailed. Life is nothing but a test. Let’s set the record straight. The storm is coming in. It’s time to set the record straight.