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Death Projection

by Old Wounds



released September 16, 2014

Recorded & Mixed on March 1st & 2nd @
Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, MD with Kevin Bernsten
Mastered @ Audiosiege in Portland, OR with Brad Boatright



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Dead Beat Blues
On an empty street, in the loneliest of towns. I walk the beat to my self-defeat. I’m so tired of the path of the damned, every corner turned more miserable than the last. Nowhere to go, and yet they wont leave me alone. Everyday is the same. Condemned by fate. I can already see my loved ones tears as I try to make my escape. As the skeletons in my closet weep, my demons drag at my feet. Theirs no more dancing on the subject. Please prey for me. Life is pain, death is release.
Track Name: Ritual
Light a candle in the dark to see through shadows glow, I’ve lived here for far too long. Seen friend’s come and go. The doors wont ever open and the records always skip. A burden on my shoulders, a chip upon my back. Falling ever forward while wishing for a past. I remember the last night on earth. You sang me to sleep for heavens sake. A kiss on my forehead to wish me on my way. Now I’m stuck in between life and after. To live, to see, without breath. The true meaning of beauty etched into my skin. A warning to the unknown. That here it will begin.
Track Name: Bloodpact
Cast out because you’re uninvited. Inside the circle a few have seen the tired restless act. Feeding on the moonlight a power that cant be ignored. Dressed in the color of mourning while our hearts are always yearning. Something you could never be apart of because you bought your misery. A porcelain face is filled with years of pain in imperfect light. For the eyes who have watched my back, this is all for you. For the few jealous souls, no one will miss you.
Track Name: Epilogue Of A Possession
Time after time. You buy into plastic lies that shimmer and glow but always wilt away. I refuse to be trapped by a failed tradition. Honest words will always cut the deepest to those who fail to see the truth. Just remember theirs nothing more concrete than when you have hit the floor. I wont play the part of the victim. In an effigy of falsehood. I wont be to blame because you’re too naïve to see the world for what it is. A tomb we can’t escape. Bury me with roses. Just accept your fate.