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Dreamers & Deadmen


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released July 1, 2014

Portland - guitar
Carl Severson - vocals
Tim Cuccolo - bass/vocals
Chris Ross - drums
Chris Byrnes - guitar

Additional vocals by Jay Forrest on "Dreamers" courtesy of Hopesfall and Trustkill Records

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Eric Rachel
and NORA at Trax East April 2003
Additional samples and recording by Cory Kilduff
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches

Photography by J. Bannon and Grail Mortillaro
Design and Illustration by J. Bannon



all rights reserved


Good Fight New Jersey

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Track Name: The Goddamn Champion
I got a bone to pick with you
And I'm gonna pull it out of your ribs
You're not all you're cracked up to be
And I'm not big enough to walk away
You be the bigger man
We won't stay down
Because we're knocking down your door
Because we're burning down your house
I've got a gun to your head
And I'm asking do you wanna live?
Is this how you wanted it?
What's behind my eyes?
What's behind my skin?
Can you see in?
What's behind the barrel
I'm holding to your head?
I've got whatever it takes
And you came up wanting, get up
This is a love song, it's a sing along
I wrote it just for you
How long is your list?
Mine's about to get shorter.
Track Name: Scars Are Supposed To Last Forever
Welcome to the end of everything
That you took for granted
It's your last day on easy street
Time to prop your fucking eyes open
And stare at the mirror
That's you and this is it
Splash some water on your face and suck it up
You just lost all your choices
She was the best thing that ever happened to you
And now it's over
That's just fine, that will do
Let it burn
Let it fall apart
That's just fine, that will do
Let it die
Let it walk away from you
Didn't get to look her in the face
Let's make something dangerous
Let's make something new
Let's make something that will burn
There's nothing romantic about it
There's nothing
You did everything wrong and now it's over
Best thing that ever happened to you
You don't deserve it
Live up to it.
Track Name: I Should Have Sent Flowers
I shouldn't have said that
What was I thinking, what was I doing?
Where did I go wrong?
I walked so far and followed for so long
Just to say the wrong thing
It's going to be a good time
But I know you're not coming
Set it free if it loves you...
It's not coming back
I've lost weight and I look pale
But you look good, I couldn't help but notice
I've lost weight and I look pale
But you look good, I couldn't help myself
Just like last time, just like this time
Just like next time, just like the last time
I was your number one god damn fan
I was the best friend you never had
I was your number one god damn fan
I was the best you'll never have
Is this supposed to make it better?
If you're gonna burn it, burn it all
Burn it all and walk away
What was I thinking, what was I doing?
What was I thinking, where did I go wrong?
What were we thinking, what were we doing?
What were we thinking, where did we go wrong?
I haven't been sleeping but I've been dreaming
I haven't been eating but I've been thinking
I've found the best place in the world.
Track Name: Deadmen
You'll never see me again
And you'll never take me alive
Have we been wasting their breath?
Have we been paying attention?
Has it come to this?
We can't give up and we can't give in
So what's left?
Martyrdom fantasies and fading memories
Of when we were better
Were we just kids... now we're adults
We didn't know it
Now we're grown up, now we've gone wrong
Giving up and giving in
I'll see you in the abyss
I'll see you in that blank stare
The worst of them
Might have gotten the best of us
Looked out my window
And realized that I hate you
There's a black hole in my chest
And a fire in my stomach
And it's killing me like I want to kill you
The worse of you
Might be better than the best of us.
Track Name: Dreamers
I'm calling the sun
It only takes a moment for you to realize
You own it, it's yours
It's massive and brilliant and it's mine
I'll never look at the sky without it again
Smiling faces
I'll call the sun and show my best
The best of you and the best of me
What happens next?
What if we're not even close?
What happens next?
I can't wait to show you
What happens next?
It's the sun and it's ours
What happens next?
It'll never go out
I'm so glad I woke up this morning
Because I can't wait to see what happens next
What happens next?
You'll see.
Track Name: Two And A Shot Of Jack
I took two and I didn't notice
It's still noisy as Hell
I took two and it didn't make a difference
I did the best I could
The sun doesn't always shine
And the good guys don't always win
All the promises that we broke
And all the lies that we were told
We'll go to bed
With the best and worst thoughts in our heads
And hope for sleep
Cause tomorrow you'll wake up beautiful
And all the people we made cry
Everything will be alright
We've walked through suicide
And come out on the other side
I'm worn down and wearning away
It's bedtime everyone
So I'm gonna take two more
All the promises we broke
And all the lies we were told
All the beatings that we took
And all the people we made cry
For all our friends who we left behind
Or we lost to suicide
We're never coming home.
Track Name: That's A Good Looking Machine
You look cold and you look tired
You look cold and beaten
You look cold, spent, and broken
You look cold, you look like me
Isn't it hard to look outside
With these eyes that won't stay closed?
Ever wonder why they gave us eyes?
Ever wonder what keeps us alive?
Why can't this be good enough?
Maybe we could stop the blood
Heal the wounds and make the best of it
I can't find the instructions
I never learned how to fly
Woke up today with a hole in my soul
I never learned how to die
Manufactured hope and postcards?
Pretty pictures of a better place (or is this it?)
Can we make the best of it?
Track Name: Nosferatu
Go about your buisiness
There is nothing to see here
Go about your buisiness
There is nothing to love here
There's a storm coming, lock up your windows
Go about your buisiness
There is nothing to see here
Go about your buisiness
there is nothing to love here
There's a storm coming
Lock your windows and bolt your doors
There's a storm coming
Give it a second and you'll see everything
You'll see
There's nothing to see
I've been falling asleep at the wheel
Daydreaming of insomnia
Have you been watching?
Cause I've been waiting
I never want to see the sun come up
I'm never going to be able to finish this tonight
My mind won't stop
There's a war coming and we're all out of heart
We're not ready for the last dance
I didn't save a thing
There's a war coming
And I didn't save anything for this dance.
Track Name: Quitters
I can write you a list of everything
I've ever done wrong
Because it's always on my mind
But I already forgot what I did right today
What a sad way to live
Self absorbed and wasted
Did you do something right today?
I can tell you what I did wrong
I wrote this song
What makes the wheels in your mind turn?
Lobotomize ourselves with work and television
You're looking forward to never thinking again?
Forget it, quitter
What did you do right today?
Track Name: Last One For The Money
Last chance kids, it's time to rock
It's time to move, it's time to live
Last chance kids, before we're old
Before we're tired, before we give
If this is the last time we play the last song
Will you remember how you moved?
If this is the first time you heard a new song
Will you feel it, feel the burn?
I can dodge bullets and get up from any beating
I can be whatever I want when I grow up
Will you remember how you danced
And how you felt and what it was like to matter?
Will you remember what it was like?
Before we got old, before we got tired
Before we gave in?
Last chance kids, it's time to rock
It's time to move, it's time to live
Last chance kids
Before we're old, before we're tired
Before we give, last chance.