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Everyone Leaves

by Great American Ghost



released July 10, 2015

Great American Ghost is:
Ethan Harrison
Josh Lacroix
Matt Mailloux
Joey Perron
Bryan Nowel

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered Jay Maas at Getaway Recording. Additional engineering done by Ian Van. Additional Vocals on “Shiver” performed by Bruce Lepage. Layout & design by Brandon Gallagher.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Runner
Your misfortune is a fortune it's a favor to me
And nothing isn't nothing if there's nothing to see
You won't win fortune, it favors the bold
You won't win nothing, you're tired and old

You're nothing
You're no one
You're nothing to me

Runner, runner
Track Name: An Ever Changing Cast Of Characters
I could never understand why I was never the one you wanted
Now I understand, it's because I could never stand myself
I created a world, that was lost inside your eyes
Lost in a world, where I could slowly die

I bet you're all so fucking happy
I bet you're all so fucking proud
That you can build relationships on hollow groud
I bet you're all so fucking happy
I bet you're all so fucking proud
That you can be another face in the faceless crowd

Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe in, breathe out

I've never felt more alone, than the nights I've spent with you
I just can't seem to make things count

The distance between us has never felt so real
Track Name: Shiver
I've got a problem with you
Where the fuck have you been
To tell you the truth
I hope you've been where I think

You feel my hands around your throat
I hear you sing your final note

We're drowning

Shut your mouth, don't want to hear your rants
I gave you everything, except a second chance
I hid the hate that you bring out of me
Got tired of you and your insanity

We're drowning
Oh you expect loyalty, God forbid I get some in return
You think this hate has spoiled me we'll see when the bridges burn

Cause I've been looking for good
For good reason to stay
And to tell you the truth
I'm looking to give you away
Track Name: Dead Punks
All my friends are fucking dead inside and out
They're trapped inside my head, they can't get out
I've spent my whole life trying to be someone I'm not
And I don't even know myself
This world is lost on me
And I can barely speak
We're all just waiting to fucking die

Maybe I should kill myself
Maybe I just need some help
Lost love
Lost life
Dead fucking friends

I've spent my whole life trying to be someone I'm not
Now I don't even know myself
I've come to see that I am better off alone
The only company I keep's my own
Everyone I've ever loved has left me in the end
And I just sit and wait and wonder why

Dead punks
All my friends are fucking dead
Inside and out
They're trapped inside my head
They can't get out

Dead punks
Track Name: Misery
Empty feelings day by day
No where to burn no home to stay
Here's a toast to final breaths
Hollow hearts and unsure steps

Fuck what you've heard
Fuck what you know
Cause everything you think you know you don't

Misery is all I have
Misery is all that I am
Track Name: Decay
Heaven never welcomed me
God never gave a fuck
And his bastard son has never had a harder day than me
Fortune favors the bold
But fortune never favored me
Maybe because I never gave a fuck

I'm lost
I'm alone
I'm a house
Not a home
I'm a tower 
of broken bones

Sleep with one eye open
Tell me what you see
Tell me that you never think of me
I close my eyes and all I see is your fucking face
You're dead to me anyway

Sleep with one eye open

We're all nothing but decay on display
The list for life just fading way
A walking corpse just waiting to die
I fucking life just living a lie

We're all lost
Or so I'm told
A fucking life
Just getting old
Track Name: Home Grown Hate
Cause I hate everyone
And I hate everything
Fuck your kind words
Fuck what tomorrow brings
Tomorrow still remembers
The miseries of today
Nothing changes the world
Nothing keeps the wolves at bay

I feel hollowed out
By the drugs I take to fill myself
I can't close my fucking eyes without taking something to put me down

We're all a fucking disease
We're all the plagues that they describe
That cut us fucking down
Cut us down before our time
Humans lie in veil
In their disguise
Controlling your whole world
Controlling mine
Spit your teeth
Clear your mouth
Let the world crumble down around you

I was never what you thought I'd be
Hope has taken all the hope from me
Track Name: Anxious Alone
Everyone I know can't stand me
I make their skin crawl
I disappoint everyone I love
I can't even walk in the room if I know someone is watching
I'm a fucking mess and that's the truth

The end is nigh
They live to watch you fall
They watch you die
To tear away from it all
Just so you you know
I am always alone
I see in you
Alone in a crowded room

Everyone I know can't stand me
I make their fucking skin crawl
Everyone that loves me makes me more alone
Friendship means nothing to me
Everyones a stranger
I'm living in a fucking nightmare
No amount of drugs can help me
There's no soul to save
I'm a mess and that's the truth 
Track Name: Everyone Leaves
Well I guess the truth is
I was always the one who'd lose
Living life without fear
Except for fear of the truth
Well I guess the truth is
I could never give a fuck about you
Everything is wasted on me
There was never nothing you could do
Grit your teeth
Swallow your pride
Watch as everything you love about me fucking dies

Well the truth is
Everyone leaves
Everything I love will die
Everyone leaves
Everything I love I will lose
Everyone leaves