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Extinction By Design

by Homewrecker



released October 14, 2016

Matt Barnum - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Cray - Bass
Chris VanGorder - Guitar
Matt Izzi - Drums

Recorded & Mixed at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL by Andy Nelson. Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audio Siege.

Guest vocals on "Extinction By Design" by Alvino Salcedo of Of Feather And Bone. Guest vocals on "Caged Existence" by John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos.



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Track Name: Extinction By Design
Atomic ash falls from the sky
Dragged through the mud left to die
Nobody is safe from the blood soil
Blurred propaganda to gain control
Extinction of mankind
Extinction by design
Blindfolded warriors pushed forth like pawns
Bodies stripped of life into a pit of wandering souls
Extinction of mankind
Extinction by design

A race deemed unfit, doomed from birth, left to rot
Erased humanity, eradication fueled by misled hate
Extinction of mankind
Extinction by design
Rip the flesh deny the soul
Extinction by design
Track Name: Prophet Liar
Tied down to the one you love
Walking dreams
The sorrow fields frost
Sinking to the bottom
As our kiss becomes cold
Carry out the sacrament as your lungs fill with water
Drowning in your false worth you achieve the highest honor
Haunted reign of terror / escape the prophet liar
A prisoner of passion / escape the prophet liar
Apathy like ashes / escape the prophet liar
Reflection in the mirror / you’re the prophet liar
Hundreds descending in the sacred sea
Barren bodies, were we meant to be?
This body of faith will leave you submerged in defamation
Track Name: Caged Existence
Torn apart, sliced deep inside
Built upon a realm of lies
Dwindling fear, arctic cries
The day will come when you die
Tripping over cracks
Braced for impact, on dependance
Frost on the voice in your beaten mind
Covered with fear, the end is near

Caged existence

29 years through the sewers of infection
How much longer will you fodder your disease
Broken in time, longing for a cure
Caged existence, when will you learn
Roots in divided time
Soiled in your rotten mind
Omission of despair
There is nothing

Blame other for the path you created
A bleak erosion formed by your famine tears
Your strength is shit, your values are empty
When will you learn
Roots in divided time
Soiled in your rotten mind
Omission of despair
There is nothing
Damnation by disease
Track Name: Path Of Terror
Raised up
Left with the choice of death
A gun in your back
Pray for a savior
Terror on every path
They want you to cry
They want you to die
Run, hide, fight
There is no escape
Twisted game, there are no rules
A battle royal who will lose
Slow slicing by a dull blade
Limbs blown by the bombs
Faced with the metal rounds
Enter a shallow tomb
Your fate has been chosen