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I Owe You Nothing

by S.O.S.



released June 21, 2011

RECORDED BY: Dean Baltulonis
PRODUCED BY: S.O.S & Dean Baltulonis
DESIGN BY: Guav for Cabal 315



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Keep Me Outside
You'll never find me running in your circles. And I won't be caught dead playing those games. Everyone just wants to fit. So everyone's the fucking same. Won't become a mindless clone in your social scene disease. It's the last thing I'll ever do. So keep me outside. I'll never live like you. Keep me outside, on the outside I stay. I don't wanna know. I don't wanna see. It's not for me. On the outside I stay. I could never live my life that way.
Track Name: Part Of The Disease
Just because we stand in the same room. It doesn’t mean we have to speak. You fly the flag but you’re not exempt. You never meant shit to me. Part of the disease. Part of the disease. You got the look. Trying so hard to fit but we don’t fight for the same thing. Time will show what I’ve always known, you’re just part of this fucking disease. I know that you can see that you… you don’t mean shit to me. Time will show you meant nothing to me. Part of the disease. We don’t fight for the same thing. why don’t you get the fuck away from me.
Track Name: The Hard Truth
Took a hold of me like nothing before. Never though I would get out. Chasing death for reason I can’t explain. All I know is I won’t go back. I never looked for you cause there was nothing to find. The hard truth is I had so much to hide. What was I thinking. What makes us go so low. It’s so easy to run from yourself when you lost all control. Every value and truth that I had it went straight down the drain. Anything. Yes anything. Just so I could feel nothing. The hard truth is life is not fair. The hard truth is you better beware. Better beware. Best believe life is not fair. The hard truth is you better believe.
Track Name: I Owe You Nothing
Always got something to say but you never risked a fucking thing. Know everyone’s business. Know everyone’s names. No life of your own. I owe you nothing. Don’t you fucking look my way. don’t you fucking speak my name. It’s all just talk, with that mouthful of shame. I owe you nothing. I owe you nothing. Think you know what’s in my mind. Never answer to you, master of lies. Bite your tongue and stay out of my way. You’re a fucking joke and i owe you nothing. Save your words they don’t mean a thing to me. No one believes. We all can see. It’s nothing to me. You’ve never risked a fucking thing yourself.
Track Name: Never A Brother
You were never a brother to me. We don’t believe in the same things. We never walked arm and arm through these streets. Got no truth and no loyalty. But we push on. Yes we push on. Through the days of confusion and pain. Yes we push on. We push on and some things will never change. Everyone’s a rat and everyone’s a leach. Nothing’s adding up to or making sense to me. Who can I trust. What path to take. Cause nothing here is making sense to me. You never were a brother to me never. Now you’re only looking out for yourself or so it seems. Into the days of contradiction. Look at what we all face.
Track Name: Choking On Dust
So lost in what's dead and gone. You're blind to today. And I was there. I lived it too. And watched them shit on all of our grace. Choking on dust. Dead in the past you're stuck on the tracks. Choking on your own dust. You lost your way but I still feel the same. What do they say, nothing remains. Well that's news to me. We fight on the front lines. Preservation. And you're telling stories the days of old. But what is that shit doing for me. Cause I'm in tune with what's going on here and yes, I am still proud to be. Cause it's alive. The spirit beaches. You lost touch and now you fail to see.