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Love Like Blood

by The Banner



released January 8, 2016

"Love Like Blood" originally written and recorded by Killing Joke. Cover recorded by R. Leboeuf at The Machine Shop. Additional production, mixing and mastering by Scott Moriarty at Backroom Studios.

"Send Me Down" written by JSS and originally appeared on the album "Greying" on Good Fight Music in 2014. Remix by Thomas Morgan/Heretics In The Lab.



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Track Name: Love Like Blood (Killing Joke Cover)
We must play our lives like soldiers in the field.
The life is short
I'm running faster all the time.
Strength and beauty destined to decay

So cut the rose in full bloom.
Till the fearless come and the act is done

A love like blood
A love like blood.
Till the fearless come and the act is done

A love like blood
A love like blood.

Everyday through all frustration and despair

Love and hate fight with burning hearts.
Till legends live and man is god again

And self-preservation rules the day no more.
We must dream of promised lands and fields
That's never fade in season
As we move towards no end
We leani to die.
Red tears are shed on gray.
Till the fearless come and the act is done
Till the fearless come and the act is done
Track Name: Send Me Down (Heretics In The Lab Remix)
Send, send me down.
Push me deep and far beneath the ground
Somewhere cold and absent of light.
Point my way, I seek only time.
Send, send me down.
Somewhere cold where I cannot be found
I have run as far as crooked legs could run
And fallen hard in the blood, the earth and the snow
I have bled, bled within seconds of dropping cold
Smiling wide,wide as an ocean of faith and hope.
Hold me down
Fill my lungs-let me drown.
I have betrayed, stolen and slain because you would have it so
Returned to the shade, returned to the blade in defense of your broken home.
Beaten and shunned, now but a gun empty and rotting out
An obstinate fool, a zealot for you, abandoned and broken down.
Hold, hold me down.
Fill my lungs-let me drown.
Tie me on high, open the lines-spill this filth out.
Lay me low, roll over the stone, light the ground behind.
Burn what remains of my written name
Commit my face to time.
Hold, hold me down.