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One With The Underdogs

by Terror




Engineered by Paul Miner at Sound City Studios
Mixed by Nick Jett at the Hydeaway
Mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Sound

TERROR (is):
Scott Vogel - Vocals
Nick Jett - Drums
Jordan Posner - Guitar
Martin Stewart - Guitar
David Wood - Bass


released August 5, 2014

Originally Released July 27, 2004 (Trustkill Records)

TERROR (was):
Nick Jett - drums
Scott Vogel - throat
Carl Schwartz - bass
Doug Weber - guitar
Frank "3Gun" Novinec - guitar

All songs written & arranged by Nick Jett, Scott Vogel, & Todd Jones
All guitars recorded by Todd Jones

Produced by Terror

Recorded by Paul Miner at Sound City Studios in
Van Nuys, CA & Bloodtracks in Granada Hills, CA in February 2004

Mixed at Blacksound by Michael Parnin in April 2004
Mastered by Tom Hutton at Bionic Mastering

Remixed by Nick Jett in 2014
Remastered by in 2014

Jamey Jasta appears on "Spit My Rage" courtesy of Universal Records
Lord Ezec, aka "Danny Diablo" appears on "Spit My Rage" courtesy of Stone City Music, inc.
Freddy Cricien appears on "Find My Way" courtesy of Thorp Records & Stone City Music, inc.
Hard Corey appears on "Crushed By The Truth" courtesy of his badd-ass motherfucking self.

Art direction: Terror
Design: Asterik Studio, Seattle
Live photography: Luke Wolagiewicz and John McKaig
Band photography: Juan Puente

Back up vocals by Nick J, Kevin J, Sean L, Edgar V, Shaun G, Dre S, Zack H, Anthony T, John LJ, Jeff G, Dennis M, Martin S, Carl S, Amy H & Doug W



all rights reserved


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Track Name: One With The Underdogs
Born with nothing
And that was most of us
Raised in unemployment lines
Grew inside domestic Crimes
Always against the odds
One with the underdogs

Stepped on since day one
Taught to accept defeat
Expectations of a failure
Always told I was nothing

Always against the odds
One with the underdogs

We are the underdogs

Had to scratch and fight
Just to stay on my feet
With a heart made of steel
I smashed through everything

Always against the odds
One with the underdogs
Track Name: Keep Your Mouth Shut
No one hears what - what you say
No one is there - there for you
But I've got music and I've got friends
Both always by my side
Convictions instilled in me
This is what keeps me alive
You don't know me
Don't know any of us
Don't know what this means
Keep your mouth shut

Try and try - to tear me down
Run and run - run your mouth
But it's you who's lost
In social ills, lust and greeds
This is for the outcasts that never fit
This is all that we need

I don't care what you think of me
I don't hear what you say
You never had it, you never will
Keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself

Keep your mouth shut
Track Name: Less Than Zero
I can't believe you sunk this low, so low
You pushed too hard and lost control
Now death is reaching for your hand
and when theres nothing left
you start reaching back
Shoveling shit up your nose
Needle to your arm
Less than zero
The bottle calls
You run to it
and I need it too
anything to forget

Self destruct
You're killing yourself
You gotta fight
Pick yourself back up

And man I've been there too
Numbing my broken dreams
and the love that I've killed

You're killing yourself
You gotta fight or you will

Self destruct

I'm scared of me
I'm scared of you
because we will

Self destruct
Track Name: Are We Alive?
Are we alive
Is death by my side
I hear the sirens, see the flashing lights
Every step I take, death is by my side
Watch us wither, burnt at both ends
Bury your hopes, and hold your breath

Are we alive
Is death by my side

Work your fingers to the bone
Die with nothing, die alone
You point the gun at me
I point it at you
Born to expire
And there's nothing we can do

Are we alive
Is death by my side

Are we alive
Is there anything left - anything left
Anything left inside

Addiction, disease
The fear of war it spreads
This world's a nightmare
I'm left for dead
Track Name: Overcome
Everything I loved left me
Everything I cared for died or changed
I've fallen, I failed
And I lost everything I fought to gain
Over - Overcome
Everytime you spit in my face
Over - Overcome
Add more weight! I won't break
Over - Overcome
Won't allow myself to be beat
Overcome, Overcome, rise back up

Always trouble surrounding me
But I've learned from past mistakes
I've seen true hate, felt real pain
Still there's nothing that can stop me

Break me down
I will rise back up

I'll overcome

Best friends become strangers
True love it turns to hatred
Nothing you can do to me
Still something deep inside
Tells me to be free
Track Name: Spit My Rage (ft. Jamey Jasta & Lord Ezec)
Don't forget I know where you come from
I watched it all, your every change
From nothing to something so fast
You nerve had a chance to learn a thing
And there's so many just like you
And it's always the same
Forever ends before it began
And now it's yourself that you hate
Spit my rage
In your face
Spit my rage

And those so quick to judge
With a mouthful of shit you feed to everyone
Lost in contradiction
Now it's yourself you can't live with

Spit my rage
In your face
Spit my rage

Cut back down to size
Lost in your own lies
I'll spit - spit my fucking rage
In your face

Spit my rage
In your face
Track Name: No One Cares
Attention thats your only friend
Every move you make, you want it seen by them
And you speak so loud, so we know what you're about
Now all eyes are on you, still you never made a sound
No one cares
About all the shit you do
No one cares
You look like a fool

Always know the right ones
Always front and center, wasting space
Throwing your opinions, drawing them in
Making sure that we see your face

No one cares what you do
No one cares about you
Track Name: Not This Time
Too long we let this fall apart
Too long we believed in those with no heart
Too long fake fools they had their say
No more will you disgrace my everything
Not this time
No more
Not this time

Too long values we let the blend and fade
Too long our truths they've gone so astray
Too long I believed you and I were one in the same
No more will you deface my only name

This time is my time
This time is our time
Those who struggle
The ones with sight
Come from the heart and sacrifice
We are so alive
This is our time
Track Name: Crushed By The Truth (ft. Hard Corey)
Lost in your
Simple mind - not me
Follow blind - not me
Fall in line - not me

Quick to change - not me
Know everything- not me
Caught in between - not me

Now the truth it crushes down,
Crushes down on you

Bend to belong - not me
Never wrong - not me
Here then gone - not me

False claims - not me
Two-faced - not me
First to fade - not me

Crushed by the truth

You're so fucking weak
And you're so fucking fake
And now the truth it crushes down
And slaps you in the face
Track Name: Out Of My Face
Fuck Everything and everybody,
Hypocrites and all the fakes,
Leaches and the followers,
Best to stay out of my way,
Out of my face,
Out of my way,
So many times you crossed my path,
With clenched fists I made my way,
Force fed so many lies,
You can't get ahold of me

Out of my face, out of my way,
Fuck everything you believe,
Fuck what you say

So many rats in my face,
You wont get the best of me,
So many traps set in my way,
You could never break me
Track Name: All I've Got
This is all that I've got
My only hope - my hope
This is my truth - my truth
Everything I believe
I found in you
All I'll never turn away
from all that you gave
This is one life, you truly saved

This is all that I've got
This is all that I want
This is all that I've got
All I need

And everywhere I go
I find those just like me
The words I speak, what I've been through
They know exactly what I mean
And although we've never met before
You're still part of me
If you were down, I'll be there
To bring you to your feet

This is all that I've got
This is all that I want
This is all that I've got
All I need

In this world full of filth and hate
In you I found my escape
And I'll give back until my last breath
Believe in me, believe in this

This is all I've got
Track Name: Find My Way (ft. Freddy Cricien)
My friends are dying
They're struck down by disease
A family built on lies
Now none of them even know me
Through the crowds I walk
But still I'm left alone
So I'll push on, with all I've got
It's all I've ever known
Don't tell me that I'll be OK
Can't trust in anything
I'll survive, I've got my heart
I'll find my way

For everything I gave
I've got nothing to show
Feeling lost and out of place
is all I've ever known

Don't tell me that I'll be OK
Can't trust in anything
I'll survive, I've got heart
I'll find my way

I'll find my way
Give me the strength
I'll find my way
You think that is all I can take

My way
I'll find my way
Track Name: Enemies In Sight
So you're gonna tell me what's hardcore
Pass judgement on me and distort my words
I fucking gave my life to this
I talk too much, I contradict myself
I do the same old thing, I'm full of myself
Say what you say, it holds no weight

I'm looking you in the eyes
Keep my enemies in clear sight

No more dead weight, cut it away
The force of vengeance is inside of me
It's all coming back at you

Till my heart stops this lives through me
Tried and true, proven longevity
It's you that cracks with time

I'm looking you in the eyes
Keep my enemies in clear sight

I hope by now you know where this is coming from
30 long years and I'm still core as fuck
Time to shut you down, put you in check
Smash the truth in you face, and send you on your way