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Only The Dead Know Jersey

by The Banner/Old Wounds



A split between The Banner & Old Wounds. NJHC 2015.


released May 26, 2015

The Banner - Engineered and mixed by Randy Leboeuf & Will Putney 
Old Wounds - Engineered and mixed by Dave Kent
Both sides mastered by Will Putney



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Banner - Witchburner
I will go back into the dark. I will go and meet all my makers just beneath. All shining eyes and broken teeth. I will go back beneath the trees. All I’ve asked every bit your beast. Am I not what you demand of me? Blade and chain, ice and agony. I give your grace and scream your litany. I howl your name in crooked victory. Please, will you smile down on me? Let me hear your voice, lay your hands on me. You will find your word carved deep and written true, if it's fire you command, then I will burn and they will too.
Track Name: The Banner - Rat King
You strike, entirely nothing. You're little world comes crashing in; if you'd discover a spine and stand behind your bullshit... you trick none but the fool in your mind. The joke of your life is not lost on me. The more you ignore it the closer it gets, you've wasted your life. Perhaps you hope with time it will slip my mind and you'll bound away. But my patience is great, and long is my hate; and I’m unafraid. empty and inane, all phantom pain. No breath, no soul. Aim your arrows away, your attacks are but waste, I remain unscathed. weakling, coward, pretender, betrayer. figure carved in filth, i hear you sing. Pretender, betrayer, rat king.
Track Name: Old Wounds - The Secret Song At The Center Of The World
The suffering spirit, the burning of my flesh. I reach within, but within the coil lies only sin. Possession takes hold, as obsessions unfold. The few who know the hunger escape the light. The few who seek the power, feed off the night. Within these eyes a calm so sincere. Beneath the chest a heart so bleak. I've become a slave to the dark. A rattle against your bedroom door. A reminder that you're obsolete. To rid yourself of disgrace give up your body become the wraith.
Track Name: Old Wounds - It Can't Rain All The Time
Love belongs to desire, and desire is always cruel. Drawn into the darkness, the love we share is true. As flowers bloom over our past lives. Nothing else matters. I'd go through hell for you. Every torture welcomed with a crooked smile, and open arms. The trees whisper of a dying season. After a summers gloom, we'll meet in an October sky. Six feet deep in all your affection. Tell me I'm the only one. Catch my fears as they fall, it can't rain all the time.