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Plague Prophecy

by Extinction A.D.



released August 19, 2014

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered February 16-18, 2014 by
Jay Maas at Gateway Recording

Layout / Photo Will Blood



all rights reserved


Good Fight New Jersey

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Track Name: Arsenal Of Freedom
The biggest business is in holocaust
and if you live for the dollar you write off the loss
fed up with feeling like my hands are tied
and that the only way to live is to prepare to die

Bombs away, a looming judgment day, now its too late

We are truly blind to what we've become
a global abomination
slow death we volunteer no victims
unleashed arsenal of freedom

Never ending threat of terror and we're armed to the teeth
the death toll rises cause theres no profit in peace
a face to the foe Bin Laden or Hussein
cold wars with the world heat up and attack our brains

We'll all rot, in the name of profit
Track Name: Doomsday Clock
Kill us at midnight, sacrifice the moonlight, victims of a new world order
casualties of others fights and now the time is right
they're gonna kill us at midnight

We've been waiting for this fateful night to be incinerated
The colors of blood will still be shining bright 
and I know just what I'm gonna do

anticipating, sirens are blazing, panic is in the air
foreseen the treason, you've been the reason I have so much hate to share

You've been making promises in the dark, hollow resolutions
as a brand new year will never start and then we'll be together

celebrating, no more waiting, our time has arrived
the beat in my heart as the countdown starts, just look into my eyes

Decay and death cloud the air
and ashes of despair
Cause all your wishes and dreams came true
Hell for me and you
Track Name: Mummified
Destruction declared
for over 200 years
claim to be a harbinger of hell
and the incarnate of fear
the son of an M-16
born in the crater of a bomb
bred to be a killing machine
and the devils spawn

Each moment lived is a threat upon life
and monsters take control
blood and guts arise from the sea
to devour the globe

Stole the eagle from the sky
affixed an anchor to its claws
tied a rope around its neck
rallying cry for war
battlefields are proving grounds
vindicate your last ride
darkest shroud of god
nobody leaves alive

Resembles life, but dead inside
has limbs and eyes, but no soul, mummified
Track Name: Extinction A.D.
Carve a cross to the head of a bullet and defend your state
with the wrath of god send them to hells gate
The path to power is a holy crusade and our crucifixion 
with the wrath of god its our extinction

misdirected hate, desensitized 
promised salvation to sacrifice

Nation rise against nation, marked evil without hesitation
not promised tomorrow, only salvation
time is upon us, plague prophecy unfolds
as a nuclear winter and the earth goes cold

Destroyed by our own creations, the demise of humanity
Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery

Fall in line or the punishments cruel, seek the crown to the kingdom of fools
false prophets and exaggerated truth
follow the path or burn in damnation, the new dark ages inquisition
two thousand years towards our extinction

Destroyed by our own creations, the demise of humanity
Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery

Misdirected hate desensitized, promised salvation to sacrifice
on the cusp of the fall of mankind, they're the first in line

Extinction AD, the demise of humanity
Extinction AD, religion is slavery