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Save Yourself




released July 1, 2014

Carl Severson - vocals
Christopher Ross - drums
Portland - guitar
Stephen Chladniček - guitar
Mike Olender - bass

Save Yourself was recorded at Trax East
February and March of 2007 in New Jersey
Produced by Eric Rachel and NORA
Engineered by Eric Rachel, Eric Kvortek and Kyle Neeley
Mixed by Eric Rachel
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Additional bass guitar played by Nathan Gluck
Additional vocals on 'Famous Last Words' by Mike Olender

Photography by David Schrott (
Artwork, direction and layout by Sons of Nero (
Halo of screws and logo design originally by Jacob Bannon



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Somebody Call Somebody
Where's your heart? Where's your heart? You washed the dirt off your hands.
You licked your wounds. Has it just gotten too loud? Has it gotten too far?
Your eyes look tired and your shoulders have fallen.
You look so tired-did you forget everything you've done?
Have you forgotten everything we've done? Are you that tired?
I'm so tired. Do you remember how you strong you were?
We could touch the sky. We could break through walls.
We could save the world. We were going to save the world.
Remember... remember? We were going to see the world.
We were going to save the world. We were going to fight the world.
Did it hurt that bad? Was the wound that deep?
We could live through anything. Where's your heart?
Where's your heart? You washed the blood off your hands.
You let the wounds heal. They killed you.
Track Name: Scum
I couldn't care any less, and if you press me the best you'll get is my complete disgust.
Just leave me alone. And if this is the best you can do, and this is the best that you've got -
It's amazing; you're nothing until I let you be something.
I've turned my back on so much better, and walked away so much farther.
Turn me around. I hate that you've turned me around.
You've got my attention. What are you going to do with it?
You'll have to hit harder than that. You'll have to cut deeper than that.
You'll have to swing faster than that, you'll have to hit harder than that.
Swing hard. Let's find out what you're made of.
Because I will hit harder, and I will cut deeper,
And I will swing faster, and I will scream louder.
I will hit harder, and I will cut deeper,
And I will swing faster, and I will absolutely and completely crush you.
And I'll hate myself for letting you beat me.
Track Name: Broken
He's got a broken voice and a twisted smile,
Guess he's been that way for quite awhile,
Got blood on his shoes and mud on his brim,
Did he do it to himself or was it done to him?

People think he don't look well,
But all he needs from what I can tell,
Is someone to help wash away all the paint,
From his purple hands before it gets too late.

I saw him stand alone... Under a broke street light,
So sincere... Singing silent night,
But the trees were full... And the grass was green,
It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

He may move slow,
But that don't mean he's going nowhere,
He may be moving slow,
But that don't mean he's going nowhere.
Track Name: Save Yourself
Save yourself
What if they're all liars?
What if they're all monsters?
What if they're all thieves?
What if we were wrong?
Could you deal with that?
What if you had to swallow?
What if you had to do it alone?
What if you had to depend on yourself?
Just you, could you?
Could you save yourself, could you?
Could you do it alone?
Could you turn it off?
Could you be enough for you?
You'll never be enough for them
Could you turn your back?
Could you?
Could you save yourself?
Could you do it alone?
Could you?
Could you turn it off?
You've got to save yourself
Track Name: Famous Last Words
I'm so tired and something just feels wrong
I don't hear anything in your songs
It's old new and it never said a thing
The same old lines again and again
We need to find a way to carry on
I'm so tired - or did we just get old?
I don't hear anything in your songs
When everything is empty
When everything is dark
When everything is bleak
We need a light
When everything feels hopeless
When everything feels wrong
We need a reason to believe
Give me something to believe in
We need to find a way to carry on
Dark days led by darker men
Idolizing fools, liars, and whores
Hopeless dark days
In times like these we need to find the will to fight
Stone hearted and stone faced
The sons of warriors without a war
Built to take a beating,
Built to demand more
I'll spit venom through my teeth
Find the will to look anywhere but the other way
To remember what was ours
And hold tight to our chests and never let go
In times like these we'll carry on
We'll carry on
When everything just feels wrong
And there's nothing to our songs
We'll live on
Track Name: Have You Ever Had A Really Bad Day?
Something's wrong
Something broke today
I couldn't live with today
Can we make it through today?
I'm never going to forget today
How do we get past today?
NO on ever thought it'd be this hard to get through a day
We'll put on brand new eyes tomorrow
We'll be new men tomorrow
Broken but better
Stronger while tired
Driven and inspired
They stole today,
But we're still fighting for tomorrow
Fed with hope and passion
Built from the worst to seek out the best
Built for more
We're still fighting
Something broke today
We're the broken
We're the scarred
How can we make it through?
We'll never forget you
Never going to forget today
We're broken men
Track Name: Just Like Johnny
Give me strength, give me time, until the day
Just one more day than you -
That's all I want and all I need
Just one more day to get my head together
One more day and I'll be through
That's all I need; one more day without you
That's all it'd take
I'll give you a lifetime in return for that day
I never want anyone to take it away
I'd rather watch it take you away
One more day
One more day than you - that's all I want and all I need
Until that day I can handle anything
I can get through anything
No one ever thinks about what they have
And we never stop thinking about what we want
You think you've paid attention,
You won't notice until you've paid the price
Give me strength
Give me time, give me the heart...until that day
Left with nothing, realizing you had everything
Realize now, embrace it now, I have everything
Give me strength
You think you've paid attention
You won't notice until you've paid the price
Embraced it now, realize now, I have everything
Track Name: The Moment, The Sound, The Fury
I have memories of the perfection of happier moments
That I cling to like a sailor to a broken mast
Like t he baby to the blanket that keeps him warm
Chewing it over to still the pain and distract him
This keeps me same, this keeps me here
And these blue eyes, they look at me
With the calm and endless depth of love without taint
With the trust that I will do no wrong
That I will be stronger than the moment, the sound, the fury, and the unknown
I have the weight of a thousand decisions,
Right or wrong, and the things I believe to be truth
They keep me here, they keep me sane
In the quietest of places of the heart
That is offered no solace but continues to beat
For the sake of the joy of the moment,
And the firm trust in the tiny hand that grips mine
I have seconds when it all feels right
But the hope that spring eternally,
(Can be) like ashes in my mouth
The moment brings me to despair
I do the right thing, baby, for the right reasons
And all the black in the world can't cloak the light that shines from you
Track Name: Chances Aren't
I don't believe in the sun or the stars
There's nothing written in stone
You've left us behind and it's up to us to be better for it
Carve your own path and make our awn way
We're powerless and without recourse
We're at war with chance,
And we're better for it
We'll hate and love, and fight and bleed
And live and die and we'll do it our way
You don't get off that easy
I'd rather give out than give in
I don't believe in the sun or the stars
Nothing's written, nothing's stone
You've left us behind and it's up to us to be better for it
Carve our own path and make our own way
We're powerless
We're at war with chance and we're better for it
We laugh, and cry, (through) the lows and the highs
We live and die, , and we'll do it our way
You don't get off that easy
There is no plan save for our own
There is no plan to save our own
There is no plan save for our own
Life will leave us scarred
We'll exist on hope
We'll exist on passion
We'll exist on fear
(But) we'll exist
I'm not waiting
You don't get off that easy
Track Name: The Ending
In the moment when the lights went out on the worst story ever told
I could try to describe that feeling but the words just leave me cold
I can't find the rhyme,
I can't find the reason
When the very best part of me was stolen away
There are no words but I'm talking anyway
Mouth moves like a hurricane with nothing to say
All the noise in the world just won't cover it up
I can't do anything
Can't save you, can't save me
Misery and loneliness sitting on my chest like a monster
Like a hand around my neck, around my throat
There is no word for the hollow anger that I wear like a noose
I can't stand still but I can't get up
And no words will make this better
Time stretched to forever
Try to spill my guts, I can't reach you
So many memories, so many words
But it feels like the tongue has been struck right from my mouth
Everything just crowds to the front
It's all pushing and shoving, pushing and shoving
Burned in my heart like tiny snapshots
We wrote it in stone
We wrote it in blood
Misery and loneliness