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Show Your Greed




released September 4, 2015

Recorded at Personal Puppet Studio in FL.
Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studio in Van Nuys, CA.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, OR.



all rights reserved


Good Fight New Jersey

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Track Name: Graze The Fire
Contemplate your judgment
A finger you point in your disapproval
Your cynical disillusion
Practice what you preach
Learn to perceive what you seek
Learn to teach without being a leech
Breaking down rhyme or reason
To Configure your own list
To skim by
When claiming it's for them
When all I see is selfishness
Forfeit the right, to try and justify your reasons that I see as just spite.
Break the silence
Break the weak reasons
Break your justification
Graze the fire for your own tolerance
Stand in the fire
I do not bend
Track Name: Discouraged
I live discouraged fighting this need. I've waged a war in my head.
Thoughts that never seem to end.
This image of my body cold and grey, bones and skin.
Your the light I'll never believe in.
Days filled with this promise, nights filled with this solace.
I live discouraged fighting the need to find anything with promise.
My heart has silenced. My mind revokes and discredits you in violence.
Track Name: Transgression
Stands on the edge
Boy yet to become a better man
A father, a brother, his lost mother
Weak at the knees but they never seem to bend
Open his mouth to spit you out
Skies bleed red as his eyes, they cross right out
Do you feel the pressure built on doubt
Screamed this so many times that his voice has thinned out
A feeble mind caused by apprehension dictates his self-worth
Only carried on indebted to his maker
Dragged through the mud as his ankles wear thin
Lived a life that was never meant for him
Lived a life with hate confined within
But now a man, all he knows is to feel love is sin.
Track Name: Show Your Greed
Breaking the grasp
show your difference to me
I saw your life carved in stone
Flock to the herd
Or be the shepherd that goes unheard
Show your greed
Show that you can un-carve your life from stone
That you can leave your "happy home"
I'd take a knife, cut the tongue from every cheek who insist they know what's best for me
You plead with me as I plead this insanity
You quote with your silver tongue that you were not born to follow
But I take everything I need, no man or god dictates this to me, so why don't you step forward and show your greed
Track Name: Burn (Eradicate)
i see your outlandish ways sought for attention to build this misconception
you built this wall so high you can't scale
your backbiting only builds my aspirations
to take this fucking hammer and cave you in
indifference to be viewed as different unsupportive of equality
you try to elude people into thinking your educated but you don't know a fucking thing
you hold on to an ounce of hope that this might take you somewhere
that you might conjure up wings and begin to sore
i see that hope in eyes
just know that i will burn your wings and refuse you flight
Track Name: Sincerity
I keep my suffering built up in me
disregarded this rope I need to set me free
Flowers bloom in my darkened room
But yet pedals fall with every rising moon
But I'll never even root and stem
I know that I'm my own master, my own bastard but all I see in me is nothing
Sincerity I find in me when I wake but I'm the only company I will keep.
Track Name: Crippled Man
Captured with the windows as our light
Destroyed when sun goes down for the night
Locked in this iron cage
Told not to make a sound
How could you hear our voice
How could you hear our silent screams
With pain and anguish running through my veins
Left to battle, Love vs. hate
A man I almost decided to fucking hate
You weren't the only one to lose
How couldn't you love your boys
you were so far removed.
I held on
A grudge I carried on and on
Love destroyed you
it crippled who you really are.
Track Name: Badgelicker
Forced into submission
Over privileged powers
Good or bad, bad or good
Primitive men
With guns in their hands

Searching for safety
In the gut of every man
I'd cast aside my moral plan
To watch you burn or be damned

Mob mentalities
Scared society
So quick to wave a white flag
And cast a stone with the other hand
All goes unnoticed
Scared society
All goes unpunished
Scared society
Track Name: With Silence
Track Name: With Grace
Pass by in silence
Expect me to extend my own hand
To a self absorbed man
Speak about me in shallow breath
But you never spoke an honest word

Hatred for the well known
Hatred for the unknown
Blood has turned into fire
Boils and blisters as thoughts conspire

I'll butcher conquest, I'll crucify, I collect
I'll destroy anything with grace
Subjectively, on my own demand
A man I almost decided to fucking hate
So place a knife in my hand

I'd cut the world right out from under you. Something I wish you could understand is I wish you could break me.