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The Shape You Took Before The Ache

by Exalt

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Tyler Brand - Vocals
Ben Waugh - Guitar
Mitch McEwen - Bass
Tim Waugh - Drums


released September 9, 2016

Recorded and Engineered by Pete Grossman and Andy Nelson @ Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL. Original Artwork by Johanna Stickland. Layout & Design by Brandon Gallagher. 



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sacrifice To Purify
Sin with closed eyes, a sacrifice to purify. A lack of lust to define, split my mind must nullify. Red water scribe, I'm the sacrifice to purify. I've held the curse of lustless eyes. Open holy wounds to be my shrine. Sacrifice my earth to exist again. Praise the dirt I scrape. Trudge against the wind, prosthetic limbs will shake. May my body fail to glisten while the holy sun awake, let me wither with the dusk as the crux of blood will fain to heal faith. Attempt to heal me. Attempt to fail yourself. Decline to still breathe, decline and sacrifice yourself. Decline until you disintegrate. 
Track Name: Undertow
Will God eat from your hands, yet gnaw them down to bone. Will I teethe on the earth and carve a tooth of stone. Will the body ever surface after it succumbs to undertow. Will heaven open wide its gates or swallow below. I'll carve out teeth on a stone. Teethe on the dirt filled with bone. Let the god apparatus swell and wilt to the hollow sun.
Track Name: Martyr Alone
A year sought for warmth and light, I wrapped sheets around my eyes, breathed new sight into my mind, a strength I will belie. Entangled in your virgin dust, rope tied vein to vein. Connect me to your failing body so I can understand your pain. Encase me in your ribs, I'll breathe through your hollowed spine. I've forgotten the warmth of the sun but I still remember the light. My peasant crown will crumble under the weight of your crooked bones. My peasant skin will scar and bleed as I am martyred alone. My peasant blood will clot and burst as you enter my solemn home. My peasant crown will crumble under the weight of your crooked bones. 
Track Name: Judas Wolf
Am I the judas wolf, or just lined up for the slaughter? Will the pain teach forgiveness, or will I be a martyr? Dissolve Eradicate destroy excommunicate. Let my body know pain. Yet keep my mind from decay. As life is a garden, in cold I will wither, in frost I will wilt. Ancestry is a cavity, in healing I will fracture, in suffering breeds health. A still born birth into abundance. Escape the lap of bliss. A rush of blood leaves my fingers. With what I leave I cannot grasp. Am I the Judas Wolf.
Track Name: The Ache
Track Name: Leave Them All Behind
Bought and sold/ Heaven for free/ Destroy, create/  Emasculate me. Whips, Chains/ Feathers in rain/ Weigh me down/ I'm a body without a frame. I'll bore holes in my own skull to suffer unknown. Peer inside a shell so hollow, through my weathered bones. Chew on virgin tongues, learn their speech in your mouth. Leave no words for me, take all for yourself. Damn the old skin, curse the old blood. Choked by young hands, breathed through new lungs. As the ocean flows, waves crash against skin, artery to let out, allow the body to seep in. And I'll let the shadow, swallow my being whole. Succumb to the dark of surrounding. Suffer the light alone. Extend past my putrid frame, let the light shine the darkness down, another appendage of our being, drown out disembodied sounds. Swallow my body whole.
Track Name: Worship
Scar the fingers that wrap the throats, scratch the skin that makes me whole. Grasp the body and drag it below. Fear at your neck is the holy road. Flesh brethren, commit to the hands we hold. Scratch heaven, limit to the dirt we bore. Clipped winged doves chasing worms, only to wither by the hands of light. A body unbroken, a crux of strife. Fed to the dirt, swallowed by lore. Fear at your neck is the holy road. Flesh brethren, commit the hands we hold. Scratch heaven, limit the dirt we bore. Forsake my skin. Worship. 
Track Name: Body Be Free
I'll scratch the surface until my fingers bleed. Nails ripped out until my skin is empty. My eyes cut as shallow as arrows, my veins are nothing but vain. The evolution of thought has revolved around the emptiness of man. Material emotions and a glove for every hand, to protect my filthy skin from cleanliness of life, while I watch silently as the serene rot. Don't let me be buried in my shallow mind. Let me wither in a holy state. Wither. Be free. Rot. In the deep. Don't let me be buried in my shallow mind. Weak minds wither. Bury the rest. Free my body. Buried.
Track Name: The Shape
I felt you pull me up to the surface where you are, you are. We wade through the jaws and the mud so your both eyes, they could see me clearly at all. If you say that you tried to, will I feel like you tried to. Will I feel like you ever could feel me at all. The shape you made for yourself in the ache of what you are, you are, was the flaw that inspired it all. So your both hands, they could hold me hardly at all. If you say that you want to, will I feel like you want to. Will I fade or will I feel it all. 
Track Name: Caro
I feel like God when I push back. Skinning and scalping and skinning. Breaking and bending and breaking. Birthing, destroying and birthing. Healing and failing and healing. A mind will wither, destroy and decay. A body will break and bend all the same. A soul will scratch the skin till it strays. A body will break and bend all the same. I feel like God when I push back. 
Track Name: I Dove Into The Sun
If I wait here would you linger like the sickness in my body. If I wait here would you find me like the sickness you've been hiding. If I wait here would you watch me as I slip into the sun. When I peel back from your fingers will you bleed out or release me. If I fell out from your heaven would you watch me when I dive into the sun. Fall. Far from your heaven you look down on me.