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The Suffering Spirit

by Old Wounds



The leaders of New Jersey's next generation unleash their definitive album. Dark, Heavy, Haunting. For fans of Hatebreed, Turmoil, Disembodied, Eighteen Visions, & Deftones.

Emotionally Charged Metalcore - Pitchfork
Gritty, Grimy Hardcore - Revolver
Metallic... Heavy and Foreboding - Alternative Press


released June 30, 2015

Old Wounds is: Kevin Iavaroni, Zak Kessler, Michael Weintraub & Brandon Gallagher

Artwork, Photography, Layout & Design: Brandon Gallagher

Live Pictures: Jillian Keats, Robert Scheuerman, Michelle Rose, James Meadows, & David Franklin

Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered: Andreas Magnusson @ Audio Verite & Planet Red Studios in Richmond, VA from February 23rd to March 6th 2015.

Javier Van Huss appears on Actual Nothing



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Track Name: Rest In Piss
Crawl, bark, beg.
This is the end. The march of the damned. The crawl of the pigs. While the world burns the religious hide with their tales tucked between their legs. Hell is a place on earth where men live in greed and purge in filth. Let this end with us. There’s comfort in knowing this is the end of the unjust. Etch the names into the graves. The youth are sick and tired. The old are jaded tyrants. We have killed us. We made the bed of snakes. We built the house of shit. I couldn't dream it, I can't believe it. I've been living in the kingdom of suffering. Are you so deaf to the cries? You have killed us.
Track Name: Never Sleep Again
Twisting and turning, clawing at the seams. Strung through flesh. Ripping at my dreams. Hover above, the body below. Visage of the forsaken soul. Project the violet light from the inside out. The knife turns so slow from the inside out. End this mourning, let it end. Before the horror starts again.
Track Name: Actual Nothing
Since the beginning you were at the end of your rope. In the end it's my hands at your throat. It's no surprise you're the thorn in my side. Don't turn to me for any sympathy. You're just another memory. It's your knife at my back, but now it's my hands at your throat. You're the sheep that you don't claim to be. Hiding in wolves’ skin that you could never fit in.
Track Name: The Secret Song At The Center Of The World
The suffering spirit, the burning of my flesh. I reach within, but within the coil lies only sin. Possession takes hold, as obsessions unfold. The few who know the hunger escape the light. The few who seek the power, feed off the night. Within these eyes a calm so sincere. Beneath the chest a heart so bleak. I've become a slave to the dark. A rattle against your bedroom door. A reminder that you're obsolete. To rid yourself of disgrace give up your body become the wraith.
Track Name: Heaven Is A Memory
Liberate yourself from false ideals. Who are they to tell are us what is real? They built us up just to break us down. Where is your savior now? It's time to face the facts theirs no one coming back. I believe in flesh and blood, no devil below nor dog above. Pigs are pigs and lies are lies only the guilty are led by the blind. Do you seek redemption? Do you believe the readings? Only you can save yourself. I'll take my chance in hell.
Track Name: Son Of No One
Beyond the twilight into infinity. Give me the grace to overcome my misfortunes. I couldn't stand it, all the lies I've been told. To hear another I couldn't bear it. I will never be like you. I wear this mask of truth. I do not wish for a better world. We won't dare strip ourselves of materialism. We're too careless, to pick and to choose. This is the price that we pay. An eye for an eye no longer do these ties bind. Sacred heart beat in the sight of apathy. Create. Decay. Repeat. Decay.
Track Name: On Leather Wings
Love eternal, morbid endings. I'll take it all away. Your pain into me. Your love is not enough. I want your blood. I want your faith. I want your soul. To fill this void, this empty hole. Your love is not enough. Imagine life without regret, the fear of falling, the fear of death. One kiss upon thy neck and it is done. Finish my words curse this world. Drain the blood renewed, consumed through you. We said goodbye to the sun. With the wings of the devil, we made our way to rest.
Track Name: Vampyr
Entwined inside the fire, beckoning restless desire. I cannot let go of the supernatural. She calls out my name so unnatural. Coursing through me as my body let's go. Chant the incantation. All the pleasure and all the pain. As you crawl inside my head you ebb your way inside my heart. Circle of snakes enclose our flame. Bedeviled, come unto me.
Track Name: Moral Hex
Burning at the cross. If you have ever loved than you have also lost. Misery incarnate, love in vein. Things will never be the same. I am no man of God. I am the wanderer above the sea of fog. Inside of a blackened tomb is where you will find the proof. Suffering through oceans of time. You can punish me for a lifetime of agony. Condemning me for all eternity. Longing for the winter’s cruelty. Cast the shadow in our wake. While we cringe at the stake. Falling Angels lost your way, for a lifetime of agony. The funeral marches on and so forth. Surrender your only life for the will of everlasting grief. Tears of gloom fall where the flowers bloom.
Track Name: Where Flowers Grow
A sea of violence overcomes us as the land of rape sinks beneath us. Cast the curse on the fat rich white man. Our dirty hands to blame, we are the Damned. The animals will have their say. Their cries won't be silenced anymore. At the end of life, they will walk amongst our bones. Maybe than we can atone. Forfeit the ignorance to the sounds of brutality. For every second of torment I march to the hymn of revenge. Heavy heart soaked in mourning. A murder is a murder. Mother Nature rain on us. Wash away these sins of lust.
Track Name: Desecrate
What's progression without aggression? Are we bound by words or the actions that we choose to make? What's with our inability to grow? Why must be digress when we move so slow? Words that we don't speak is our failure to teach. Generations of disaster set on repeat. We are caught in a web of worthless means. Common men don’t look away. The foundations we have built are caving in. Your words have killed and they will kill again. The screams of 1000 apparitions ring out but don’t make a sound. Our selfishness will be the final nail.