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released July 1, 2014

John Kohler - guitar
Spliedt - bass
Carl Severson - vocals
Chris Ross - drums
Michael Olender - guitar

Lyrics by Carl, with help from Ross and Michael.
Back ups by Michael, Spliedt and Kyle.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in Feb and March of 1999
at Trax East Studios in NJ.
Engineered and Produced by our friend Eric Rachel.

Layout and Design by Ferretstyle.
Screwsun artwork and cd-face created by Jacob Bannon.
Photography by Patrick Cahalan

This record is dedicated to the strength and courage shown by Adam Doll and Matt Leveton. - With loving memory of Jeannette Whitcraft -



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Neverendingyouline
What could I ever say to you to stop you for a moment?
When it's every day and it's every way and I think I might explode
from the adrenaline.

[Don't say I'm wrong.]

You say my dreams are wrong and my ideals are flawed.
I won't stop trying.
You don't care, you don't try,
But you're always there, in the line.

Fuck you, I am the better man,
I'll give you all the chances that I can.

Smile as you cut me, thank you as you smash me,
Grit my teeth as you crush me, scream aloud as you silence me.
But I don't think it's you, it's the you I'll meet next time,
And the two I'll meet tomorrow.
The never ending you line... no matter what it's always you.
Track Name: Television Guilt Face
what am I standing here wearing?
What am I sitting here watching?
What happened to let this happen?
We're just trying to be ourselves,
To be yourselves. [but] someone I,
I let you die.
Someone I, I didn't try.
Scorn reigns deep in the soul without recognition.
All murderers.
So deeply ingrained, so simply accepted,
But still (unconscious) reality that kills.
And we're just trying to be better than that.
To get to tomorrow, and maybe someday,
My waking up and living won't have any effect on you.
I swear I'm trying.
And I let them... and you them...and we let them... kill you.
Track Name: What I Meant To Say
I remember everything you said to me,
I remember every laugh you laughed at me,
I remember how you used to look at me,
I remember everything you did to me,
I remember a decade later,
my neck still hurts from staring at the floor.
I always wanted to see myself run in slow motion.
it's my turn.
what I meant to say.
what I meant to do.
what I meant to say.
what I meant to do... to you.
A decade later, my heart still hurts form staring at the floor.
I always wanted to see myself run in slow motion.
you never let the weak go by.
you never let the small man walk.
I never let that memory go.
I'll remember until the day I die.
I want ten years you took from me.
Track Name: Writer's Block
Writers' block,
I can't start.
What do I say at the end of another day.
It's not okay.
Another 14 hours and I've got nothing to say.
Do you ( do I ) really want to live this way?
So you thought you could be yourself,
So you thought you could be you.
Control. ...control?
I thought I had control.
Head still hurts from running into walls,
Neck still hurts from turning the other cheek.
You run into walls as you move,
What do you think this world owes you?
What did you learn?
Track Name: Scarecrow
look outside as the world is dying.
look inside half of you are dead.
look outside you want a reason.
hell on earth with the angels dead.
Living life under the shadows of illusion.
Protected by others from the horrors of ourselves.
Threat of destruction by our own twisted creations.
Ignore the warning cries from the strawmen who failed us.
Die for your dollars, die for your leaders,
Die for your religion, die for your car.
Die. (x5)
The scarecrow walks tonight.
Stop killing ourselves or tomorrow we'll wake up dead.
Look outside as the world is dying.
Look inside half of you are dead.
Look outside you want a reason.
Hell on earth with the angels dead.
Die for your religion.
Die for your country.
Die for your faith.
Your death was a waste.
Hell on earth.